CNIT-Pisa Island is Ready

Posted on 4 October 2013


After being federated to the OFELIA infrastructure in March, the final layout of the CNIT-Pisa island has been operational since August 2013. The island is based on OF 1.0 switches (up to 14) based on NetFPGA and Open vSwitch with focus on virtualization-aware traffic engineering in Cloud Data Centers. The switches are interconnected according to a fat-tree topology for reproducing a typical SDN-based Data Center network topology. Accordingly, the island also includes a number of hosts connected to the switches that are controlled by a XEN Cloud Platform for hosting Virtual Machines.

As result of the work, an OpenFlow-based Virtualization-aware Networking (OFVN) platform has been deployed that also consider traffic requirements of VMs for placing them across servers while guaranteeing adequate traffic performance. Specifically, the OFVN platform enables the following capabilities that are being widely experimented under OFELIA:

  • optimization of the VM placement across servers taking into account network resource status (e.g., network link loads) while interacting with Cloud Platforms XEN;
  • enforcement of per-flow routing/switching rules during VM provisioning for optimizing the overall link utilization and avoiding congestions;
  • dynamic reconfiguration of the paths followed by VM traffic flows based on changing cloud resource requirements (e.g., due to VM migrations).

 Finally, the CNIT-Pisa island allows OFELIA experimenters to benefit from Data Center network topologies and carry out experiments in the field of cloud computing and Data Center environments.