How to Experiment 

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What do I get from OFELIA for my Experiments 

For conducting experiments, users receive a network slice consisting of the following:

  • Resources
    • Virtual machines as end-hosts deployed on physical servers
    • A virtual machine to deploy their OpenFlow-capable network controller/application
    • Parts of the OpenFlow switches that connect to the user’s OpenFlow controller (a subset of the overall flowspace)
  • Control
    • Control of the flowspace defined with the above resources

First Steps 

  1. Get access to the facility by registering for an OFELIA account
  2. Set up OpenVPN connection
  3. Create a project
  4. Perform your experiment(s)

How to Connect to the Facility 

Connecting to the facility happens through OpenVPN connections through the hub in Ghent.

Before users can setup an OpenVPN connection to enter the OFELIA facility, they need to acquire an OFELIA user account.

Through the user interface of Expedient, the user can create and run experiments, which include resources as described above. Each island runs an expedient web-based user interface. In Phase II (from March 2012 onward), this interface will also allow users to control resources that are distributed over several federated islands. Credentials will be valid across all islands.

Cost of Usage and Conditions

From July 2011 till the end of the project (Sept 2013) facility is open free-of-charge for external users as a best-effort service.

Users will need to agree with the OFELIA Usage Policy.

It is recommended to also read the OFELIA User Manual.

For experiments inside a single island, the appropriate island manager decides on duration of experiments and permitted resource usage.

For other experiments, a decision is taken by the OFELIA policy committee. The Policy Committee includes one representative from each Island. Please see the Contacts page for details.

So far, no general policies on resource usage have been set.